Day 90 and Beer Advent Calendar Day 1

It was supposed to be Ingredients class first thing today, but this happened:

Old busted.

Which meant that instead of Ingredients, Comm, Math and then work, I got to meet a very nice tow truck driver, take the train in to Toronto, meet my beloved and go shopping for this:

New hotness.

I pick it up on Saturday. I am now more of a broke student than I was before, but at least this one won’t blow upon the Garden City Skyway.

Note: It didn’t so much blow up, as make an increasingly loud noise, like someone was shaking a spray paint can near my ear, then suddenly make a loud THWAP noise that was echoed a bit as something that wasn’t supposed to come loose, did. At least the noise stopped as I coasted down the other side of the bridge.

Today is the first day of the beer advent calendar, and I am so very glad I did this. I needed a nice surprise.

Day 1

This Mikkeller K:rlek Pale Ale pours a nice hazy sunny-gold, with a great tropical aroma of pineapple and lemons. There’s more citrus and some mango in the taste, followed by a slight sour tang that morphs into a lingering hop bitterness at the back of the tongue.

It makes me think of a warm summer day, which is not a bad way to end today.

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