Day 125

It’s a bright shiny new semester, with a more brewery-related course load. Apparently, this is the semester than can kick my ass if I look away for a second. Chemistry & Microbiology are going to be struggles, I can see that already. I can’t wait!

I have however looked at some of my non-school commitments, and have had to press pause on a lot of them, even derby. I have made/am making too many sacrifices to give this less than my full focus.

Yippee skippee and hooray for being a responsible adult :-

First class on Mondays is Strategic Communications with Sandra. Media Kits, social media strategies and business plans, oh my! It looks interesting, and even better, it looks relevant.

Then after a break it’s the science double whammy of Microbiology and Chemistry. Even after taking the grade 12 chemistry only last year and refresher readings over the holidays, I was feeling adrift about half the time. Must do the readings! I am really looking forward to finding out more about the yeastie beasties though. Such intriguing little creatures. Nate passed on this great quote about how we are not really brewers, but are yeast farmers. Feeling the desire to go out and buy overalls now.

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