Days 126 and 127

Tuesdays are going to be difficult, in that it might be difficult to motivate myself to head the half hour to school and the half hour back for one class. Especially a class that ends at 6:30. I’m telling myself I’ll head in to St. Catharines early and go to the gym.

Yeah, right. I’ll let you know how that works out. Might be helpful if I go out and buy running shoes soon.

Yesterday was the first Equipment class, and we started with electricity (AC and DC), generators and induction motors. I kinda sorta almost knew it before; now I’m really just confused. Time to take a spin through Khan Academy or How Stuff Works to fill in the blanks.

Today was the first brew day as a second semester. Today was also the day I learned to that it is important to watch the temperature when vorlaufing, as you will get a stuck sparge if it drops too low, causing the grains to gelatinize. I also learned how to fix a stuck sparge on the pilot system.

We brewed a single-grain, single hopped Irish red. The hops were a hybrid from Clear Valley Hops, and we were all encouraged to spend some time comparing it to other hop varieties. The consensus was a Saaz varietal, or another noble hop.  They have a different colour and texture to other hops, more yellow and resin-y, which we attributed to Clear Valley’s cold pelletizing process. They smelled great, lots of lemon and pepper with some resin in the backend – the beer should be lovely!


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