Day 135

Alas, I was bedridden yesterday, so there was no Day 134.

Well technically, there was still a day 134, but I wasn’t in the teaching brewery as I was home in bed. I’d prefer not to say what was wrong with me; we’ll just agree it wasn’t pleasant and leave it at that.

So on to day 135.

Packaging was all about filling lines and filling line planning today and understanding what a V-graph is. I am still trying to wrap my head around it; the left side kind of seems like it would be like this:

I’m thinking though it represents capacity, rather than actual. Otherwise, every filling line would be like an I Love Lucy episode. And that can’t be right.


We started on BJCP styles in Sensory. Victor led us through samples of Styles 1 and 2:
Pilsner Urquell for style 2b – bohemian pils
Bitburger for style 2a – German Pils
Spaten for style 1d – Munich Helles
Dab for style 1e – Dortmunder export

I know they are all good representatives of their styles and have their merits. I am just not that keen on them anymore.

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