Days 139-143

Busy. Stress filled. Sciency. Really sciency. So sciency that once I finished all the sciencing, I had to remind myself I had other courses.

And that is how I remember last week. Yes, there was Equipment (pumps and head pressure calculations) and a trip to the MBAA conference, but all I can remember is microbiology and chemistry. Which is what happens when you leave a problem set, three lab question write ups and a lab book update for each of the two science classes until the next-to-last minute.

Yeah. I was that person. The thought that goes through my head now when I think of it is, hey, let’s not do that again, ok?

While I am not keen on the work load, I have to admit I am learning more with these assessments than I would with the study, cram, panic, memory dump exam assessment. I am really liking the bio and chem components, and I’m tying more things together than I do when someone is talking at me for three or four hours. And we get to play with cool stuff, like microscopes and incubators and bunsen burners.

And stills. Which was so cool, that I hope the distillation course add-on is ready when I’m done.

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