Days 168 to 175

Sick. So very, very sick.

I woke up on Tuesday morning around 3 with that distinctive gargled-with-broken-glass feeling caused by strep throat. I headed to a walk-in clinic where it was confirmed, I bought a doctor’s note and went home to email Ray that I would be missing the Equipment exam.

What followed is a week of just generally feeling like shit. I think I managed to sleep for 5 hours straight one night. I made it in to write the Packaging exam on Thursday, but had to bail on the Sensory. I rescheduled them with the test centre for Monday, but was coughing too much to actually be able to write them. They’ve now been put off (again) to next week when school starts back up.

I went back to the walk-in clinic where I saw another doctor who said, no that’s not what you have, and gave me a different prescription. After starting it, and getting a fairly decent night’s sleep, I now just feel like I have a cold. I never thought I’d be happy to be coughing and sneezing.

Pretty happy this has cleared up, as The Man and I planned to head out tomorrow for a beer and cheese road trip to NY (Ommegang), Vermont (Alchemist, Lawsons’s and Hill Farmstead), and Quebec (Dieu de Ciel, Trou du Diable). The trunk is going to be full!

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