Day 184

We looked at decoration in Packaging class, ie labeling. there’s a lot of information has to be put on a small space, from product & manufacturer information to health, regulatory and/or religious info. All aspects of labelling were covered: paper & glue composition (must adhere, but still be able to be removed easily especially on reusable bottles), printing and dye-cutting (finally, an aspect of brewing I know something about!) and the machines used to apply them. I will admit to zoning out a bit during the machinery discussion, as I was very busy sketching out an idea for a label for my beer that I haven’t made yet.

Sensory was next, after a walk in the sunshine between classes. So many cool places to explore near school! I headed to Woodend Conservation Area and stomped around in what remained of the melting snow and tried to stay out of the puddles as I walked around the old house and looked out over the lake.




But I digress.

Today was several of my favourite styles, English Brown Ale, Porter and Stout. I discovered I like the sweeter Southern English brown better than the drier Northern one, and that Dragon Stout (Foreign Extra Stout) tastes just a fruity and delicious as I remembered. We did not get to the American or Russian Imperial categories, which goves me something to look forward to next week.

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