My name is Kat Goodale and I love beer. I tell people it comes with the name, that it’s coded in my DNA.

All beer. I’m not a snob about it. I love the variety and taste of craft beers, but I also like how a Keystone Light goes down on a really hot summer afternoon. I have some beers that I prefer, but I’m not married to ’em. I was raised to try new things, and there is a lot of new beer out there.

The idea of this started, as many of my ideas do, over a beer. I’d been recently let go from a 12-year teaching job, and I was still processing it. I looked at Keith, my husband, and asked him what he thought I should be when I grow up*.

“I think Brewmaster Goodale has a nice ring to it,” was his reply.

I laughed, and the conversation moved on, but it stuck in my head. Why not, I thought. Why not explore beer and brewing? It might not become a career option, but there is so much more to it than just drinking it. And I’ve been drinking it for a while now, just over three decades. And I’ve been blogging in one form or another for about a decade: personal, photography, poker…so why not a beer blog to document the journey.

My ultimate dream is to take the Brewing program at Niagara College (level unlocked Sept 2014). There’s also lots of other ways to learn about wobbly pops. There’s the Cicerone and Prud’homme programs, talking to people in local beer clubs like Barley’s Angels and Brauhaus, going on brewery tours, reading, brewing beer myself, and best of all, drinking beer.

What could possibly go wrong?

* I follow Red Green’s philosophy on aging: just because you have to grow older, doesn’t mean you have to grow up.


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