Work inspiration: Jan 1-7

I’ve done a photo-a-day on my other blog for 6 years. If you think that after 6 years the inspiration would be flagging a little, you’d be right.

I sometimes use the prompts from Fat Mum Slim as a way to get through the doldrums, and this month I combined her prompts with brewing.

Jan 1: my favourite colour(s). #beer #gold #red #amber #black #fmspad

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Jan 2: delicious. I really like the flavour of Vienna malt. #beer #brewing #brewerlife #fmspad

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Jan 3: circles. #gaskets #triclamps #brewerlife #fms_pad #fmspad

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Jan 7: time. Clock in, clock out. #work #brewerlife #fmspad

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Brew Slam

It’s that time again. GTA Homebrew Club’s annual competition is even bigger this year, with a record number of entries. I volunteered to judge a few sessions because 1) it’s fun, 2) I need the practice and 3) it was held at Amsterdam which is around the corner from me.


I still get a kick out of seeing Professional Brewer after my name!

I have learned to abstain from anything IPA-ish as my system gets a tad bitter when exposed to too much bitterness, and I judged some English and German categories. I was distracted at one point when I saw my beer, a Lychee Gose,  poured at the next table.


Watching people judge my beer. It’s a weird experience.

It was a bit of a last minute brew. I had had a salted lychee soda when in Japan last year and it made a lasting impression. I was browsing through my local asian supermarket when I saw a bag of lychees, and inspiration hit. I managed to make, sour, ferment and package the beer just in time to enter. I had no idea how it tasted. I was a bit nervous when I saw how long the best-in-class judges were taking over it.

Seems I had nothing to be nervous about. It took second place in a very full category, and was up for the Henderson Prize!


My first beer medal!