Day 181

Ugh. Who’s bright idea was it to schedule a make-up exam at 8:30 on a Monday?!?

Oh. Wait. Nevermind.

I know I did poorly on the Sensory exam. SO much information to memorize, and I just didn’t. And OF COURSE one of the big mark questions was on the beer style that I have the biggest memory block on. Stupid Bocks. (Bocks, you know I’m kidding. You’re delicious!).

I had no idea there was going to be a tasting component to it. If I *had* known, I would not have sucked back cherry cough syrup and medicated throat lozenges a half hour before getting there. Not that it would have made much difference to the Bohemian Pilsner (BJCP style #2B, and I didn’t even have to look that up). The woman at the test centre opened it when I started writing, and poured an inch or so in a paper cup. She handed it to me an hour later when I gave her back my written portion. I have no idea if Brou Czech lager is to style or not, because all I could taste was warm, flat cardboard with a slight floral/herbal hop aroma and faint cherry cough syrup flavour undertones.


Met our new Strategic Communication prof, Matt. Seems like a good guy, and a beer lover to boot. He’ll be guiding us through the joys of writing a business plan. I made the mistake of telling him I’d written one before and no he wants to see it. I did find the file (my backups are now flawless), and it seems a sad, sparse thing. Be good to learn how to pump it up a bit.

Then it was the Bio/Chem gauntlet. I am getting better at staying on top of the content, but I don’t think there’s enough caffeine in the world to keep me sharp in the last parts of hour four. There was lots of key info as well, all about yeast cropping and hop chemistry. I will definitely be revisiting those slides to fill in the blanks from where I zoned out. Stupid brain.

Day 167

Only one class today, Strategic Communication, as Nate gave us the week off from Micro and Chem to allow us to focus on studying for our exams this week. I <3 that man right about now.

We got our media kit assignments back, and I got 28 out of 30 for my fake brewery launch of a series of roller derby beers with Toronto Roller Derby. One typo and not putting my website information on all pages prevent a perfect score. We then talked about the social media campaign assignment due at the end of the week, where we need to nail down how to create the social media buzz about media release. I think I’ve got this.

Day 131


Media kits. I had no idea they were still a thing, but I can see how sending a tactile, physical object would be less likely to get lost in journalists’ and bloggers’ inboxes. After looking at and discussing some examples, we were giving an assignment to create one ourselves with the option to use one of two hypothetical scenarios or create one of our own. I’m going to create one for SWISH, as I prefer real to hypothetical any day.

Micro & Chem

The class had joked earlier about how Nate was going to get through 200+ PowerPoint slides in 4 hours. Apparently by using them appropriately as teaching aids, that’s how.

It’s a pleasure to have someone who knows how to use the media well (think as aid instead of as crutch), and who is passionate and engaging about a topic. Nate encourages, insists, on participation, so zoning out is a bad idea. As I learned.

We looked at cell structure, specifically how proteins are created, from the DNA in the cell’s nucleus to the final protein in the cell membrane. Super interesting, which made me again wish I’d been this interested in it when I was in high school. Then I remembered how uncool it was as a teenager to be seen to be interested in anything school-related , and how all I wanted back then was to be seen as cool by my peers. Thank gods I’m past that BS.

Day 125

It’s a bright shiny new semester, with a more brewery-related course load. Apparently, this is the semester than can kick my ass if I look away for a second. Chemistry & Microbiology are going to be struggles, I can see that already. I can’t wait!

I have however looked at some of my non-school commitments, and have had to press pause on a lot of them, even derby. I have made/am making too many sacrifices to give this less than my full focus.

Yippee skippee and hooray for being a responsible adult :-

First class on Mondays is Strategic Communications with Sandra. Media Kits, social media strategies and business plans, oh my! It looks interesting, and even better, it looks relevant.

Then after a break it’s the science double whammy of Microbiology and Chemistry. Even after taking the grade 12 chemistry only last year and refresher readings over the holidays, I was feeling adrift about half the time. Must do the readings! I am really looking forward to finding out more about the yeastie beasties though. Such intriguing little creatures. Nate passed on this great quote about how we are not really brewers, but are yeast farmers. Feeling the desire to go out and buy overalls now.