Prud’homme Beer Specialist, session 7.

Aaaaand back to the PowerPoint for session 7. Of course, it’s not like there are a lot of other ways to present pie charts and line charts easily, but I’d be much happier if there was another way of doing data visualization.

This class was all about the Canadian beer market, with enough numbers and charts to make even this data nerd happy. By volume, by dollar amount, per capita , by gender, by province (did you know that the Yukon consumes more beer per capita than even Newfoundland? Me either!), by beer type (domestic, import, craft, etc), and beer as a compared to other alcohols.

My head was swimming by the time we stopped for the sensory evaluation. And then it was swimming even more after tasting some fairly high ABV Belgians. Definitely an early night.


Style - Belgian Pale AlesAffligem Blond, 6.8%Goose Island Matilda, 7%Goose Island Sophi, 6.5%
Appearancecloudy, strawslightly cloudy, coppercloudy, lemon drop
Aromabanana, spice, slightly acidicfunky, old musty fruit, old apple juice, hayfresh, slightly unripe pineapple
Tasteripe pear, slight vinegar tangcomplex, still musty, apple cider, leatherpineapple, apples, mint
Finishdry, very effervescentsourdry quick finish, little aftertaste
Style - DubbelChimay White, 8%Duvel, 8.5%
Appearanceslightly cloudy, strawslightly cloudy, straw
Aromalittle breadiness, but mostly yeast notes: fruit, spicesmell the CO2, some banana, melon
Tastepineapplehoneydew, granny smith apples,
Finishvery drydry, champagne-like finish
Style - QuadsChimay Blue, 9%Golden Draak, 10.5%Rocheforte 8, 9.2%
Appearancecloudy, amber honeycolachestnut
Aromabread, almondpeanuts, vanilla as it warmstequila to start, cherry, cardomom
Tastewarming, plum, fig newtonnuts, chocolate chip cookiecherry, vanilla
Finisheffervescentdrydry quick finish

Style - Flanders, Oud BruinLiefmans Goudenband, 8%
Appearancedark cola
Aromaapple cider vinegar, winey
Tastecurrant, caramel, grape juice
Finishdry, fast