On giving offense

Some days I can’t help but fall down the Instagram rabbit hole. I don’t know how I got there, alick on someone who just followed me, a hashtag that seems intriguing, a place that looks lovely, whatever. And whammo, there I am looking at something that makes me angry.


I get that there are still troglodytes who post pictures of scantily clad women, and beer dudes who use sexism to generate likes. I don’t like it and I really cant wait for people to evolve already, but I get it. What I don’t get is that someone using a brewery’s official account would add to those likes. I can only assume/hope that they had a temporary madness that made them forget who/what the represent.

I took the advice of a twitter follower, took some screenshots and showed them to someone from the brewery. To his credit, he immediatly sent off an email to the powers-that-be who remedied the situation.

That’s the good part.

The not so good part is the email the powers-that-be sent back, that started with “I’m sorry you were offended….”

Way to put the blame ball in my court. I got angry all over again.

Instead of making it sound like I’m the one with the problem, like I’m the thin-skinned one, how about saying, “I’m sorry, that was inappropriate/offensive/disrespectful”?

Or am I just splitting hairs? The thought was there, right?


Why I don’t drink from some Ontario breweries.

I like to think that I am equal-opportunity beer drinker. I know the difference between tasting beer and just drinking it for enjoyment. My response to a beer depends on where I am, who I’m with and what is the purpose.

Really, I’ll try anything.

No, let me correct that. I’ll try just about anything. I will not try or buy any beer, no matter how good it is purported to be, that has a sexist message attached.

Sexism in beer marketing is a topic that is becoming more prevalent in the beer-o-sphere. It’s been in magazines like All About Beer, websites, blogs and podcasts. As it should be. Women are an increasing market, more women are brewing, and it’s 2017 for fuck’s sake. Why is this still a thing?!? And it’s not just women who have had enough; men are stating, not cool man, more and more.

Ben Johnson wrote a post last week entitled Let’s Talk about Sexist Beer Marketing, where he called out what I feel are some of the worst offenders in Ontario. I read it muttering yes, yes, FUCK yes,! throughout. Everything resounded. Jennifer Nadwodny’s comments at the end of the post say what’s in my mind and in my heart better than I ever could. Go read it.

Four of the five beers come from breweries that I boycott. While I do what I can to support the craft beer scene that has welcomed me so openly, I cannot give my oh-so-hard earned money to any business that obviously does not hold the same values of equity and equality that I do.

I don’t care how good their beer is.

Nope nope, nope.